Lost a part of me today..

I spent a lot of my early years of childhood at my maternal grandparents place at Hoshiarpur. My brother and I studied there for 3 years and subsequently, visited Hoshiarpur for every summer vacation. But we ended up spending majority of our time in the house opposite our grandparents’ house, where Gugu Bhaiya and Richa Didi stayed. We used to stroll up to their house at odd hours, played cricket with Bhaiya and chatted for hours with Didi. They were more than family for us brothers. We ate, slept, played for hours at their place, forcing our mom to come looking for us when it was time for lunch or dinner. We found peace and happiness with them. Gugu Bhaiya and Richa Didi were our best friends in those early years, in spite of them being 10 years older to us. Their birthdays are somehow still etched in my brain – April 5 and July 5. After the age of around 12, we hardly spoke to each other and all of us went about our lives in different cities and states.

Richa Didi died on Monday. It feels like a part of me, a part of my childhood died with her. I only sincerely hope that her kids, husband, mother, Gugu Bhaiya and rest of her family find peace in this terrible time. I hope she’s smiling wherever she is. May her beautiful and kind soul rest in peace.

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Chasing a dream

(Originally written on March 31, 2013)

“A dream only has one owner at a time, that’s why dreamers are lonely.”

I am a simple man, but my dreams are a little on the complex side. I haven’t charted out a certain way to realize my dreams, but still I dare to dream. Upon completion of my MBA exactly a year back, I entered the corporate world in May last year with a lot of dreams. Thankfully, more than 10 months into the job, I haven’t lost sight of them. I’ve been lucky to work with intelligent individuals, hard-working industry veterans and leaders who are devoted to their work. I’ve been trying to pick up words of wisdom whenever and wherever possible, keeping my eyes and ears open for new things to learn.

My desire to travel and explore the world still burns deep in my heart, and I get the feeling that I am headed in the right direction. I hope that work takes me to beautiful places, and I interact with interesting people, and in the process, I find my destiny. I might be completely mistaken about being headed in the right direction, but then, being optimistic seems to be the only way forward. One can only hope for things to continue falling into place and wait for the Almighty push when the time is right and the fruit is ripe. That is what they call “The Psychological moment”, i.e., The most appropriate time for achieving a desired result; the critical moment.

So, until you reach the psychological moment – all you can do is to keep working hard, be sincere in your efforts, be open to learning, so that you are well-prepared when that opportunity knocks at your door, and you aren’t caught napping.

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Of new beginnings and new promises

(Originally written on December 31, 2012)

Today is December 31, 2012 and as the date suggests, an excellent time to reflect on the year gone by, and on the promise that the new year holds. Like all other years, this year just flew by, and there were a lot of firsts in my life (quite like 2011). If 2011 was just the craziest year of my life, 2012 was the year to reflect on that craziness, and start with the serious business of working again. It marked the end of education (most probably for a long time), and beginning of a career. It was a year where in the first half, I was waiting to start working, and in the second half, I was waiting to get a break from work. It was a year where I made 7 trips to Chennai, a trip each from May to November, and an equal number of trips to my new home in Noida.

2012 gave me the discipline and courage that I had craved for some time. This year taught me that if you don’t take risks, you won’t move ahead. If you stay ensconced in your comfort zone, you will most certainly fail, and will rue your chances forever.

Getting used to Noida turned out be much easier than getting used to Bangalore (previous job). It felt like a homecoming of sorts, after long year stints in Pune(West), Bangalore(South), Kolkata(East) and now, back to my roots(North). Travelling and acclimatizing has always been my favourite way to understand the mysteries of life and the fascinating diversity of this crazy country. Maybe, I’ll write more about that in my next post.

Looking back at the year, I feel that I made some mistakes, and I didn’t get away with them either. I feel lucky at having started my career on a good note and with a good organization. I worked hard when I had to, even if it meant slogging on weekends. I am not complaining, and I hope to get greater opportunities in the coming year and  that I can create some magic here.

And of course, some projects that kick-started this year experienced major roadblocks, I still fail to understand human nature, and forces that shape them. I hope to convey my thoughts in a better way, and understand the subtle hints from the people better. I hope not to get swayed by everything, and keep my belief in certain principles alive. I hope to earn more trust, and learn a lot more about people, about things, about the world, about life.

Au revoir 2012. Bonjour 2013.

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Zoom in zoom out

(Originally written on October 27, 2012)

Every job offers its own set of opportunities and possibilities. Most of us bring a child-like enthusiasm to work when we start with a job fresh after B-school,  a desire to change the world or change the organization. Of course, you need a vibrant team to keep fuelling that desire or an equally depressing set of people to ensure that desire dies a painful death. Or sometimes, there can be unavoidable factors at play, which can change the course that we had envisioned for ourselves when we started with our job.

I am now 5 months into my job and would like to analyze this theory of zoom-in and zoom-out.
Simply put, Zoom-in is when you get engrossed in work so badly that you lose track of the reason why you started doing that work in the first place. You lose your creativity, sometimes due to pressing deadlines, or due to pressing superiors or due to your own fears of making mistakes. This is completely normal, as long as you remember where you went wrong. The time that you do this analysis is when you Zoom-out.

Zoom-out is when you get that weekend completely off, when you get the time to introspect, when you get that feeling of accomplishment. Zoom-out is the most beautiful time and a very important time in a professional’s life. For this is the time, when you see the “Bigger Picture”. This is the time when you understand your role in the larger scheme of things. This is the time when you appreciate nature, when you appreciate the diversity. This is the time when you understand the opportunity that you got when you were “zoomed-in”, and how every such opportunity is so important. Zoom-out is also the time when you look at the ocean of opportunities that lie ahead, and when you understand that you are well-placed to grab these opportunities. It is also the time when you realize the importance of ridding yourself of all the negativity(that always comes into play when you are zoomed-in).

Negative people is a dangerous group of people, funnily because they are not really “negative”. They just spread negativity while at heart, they are also looking at the same opportunities as you. They stop the flow of positive thoughts, they are worried of your ambition. Steer clear of these people, surround yourself with positive people and look ahead.

Life is beautiful.

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